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Babirye sinks as world Netball appoints Normalisation Committee to run federation’s day to day business and organising election


World Netball accepts NCS’s suspension of Uganda Netball Federation as it names Normalisation Committee to run day to day work meaning that, the oust president Hon. Babirye Sarah Kityo’s efforts to regain her office and Federation recognition by NCS turned down following the action taken by World governing body(WN) as they wrote to NCS stating that.

“World Netball (WN) is aware that the National Sports Council of Uganda has withdrawn its recognition of the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) due to its failure to adequately address significant governance issues.

” In line with WN’s Articles of Association, a World Netball Member is required to hold the exclusive right to govern netball in its country.

“World Netball is assisting the Uganda Netball Federation in addressing the significant governance issues by establishing a Normalisation Committee to direct the UNF in the short term until such time a new executive will be elected.

“The current Executive of the UNF is required to step down immediately with no compensation for loss of office to enable the Normalisation Committee to direct fair and democratic elections. “World Netball directed.

“Should the UNF not comply with the request made by World Netball, then WN reserves the right to suspend UNF from Membership. “WN noted.

The following individuals are the appointed Normalisation executive committee members as per the letter date 7th November 2023 from World Netball directed to the chairperson Uganda National Council of Sports Mr. Ambrose Tashobya, attached bellow.

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