The UPF has warned bar owners across the country, and tasked them to come up with safeguards, following multiple incidents of violence, including stabbings, brawls and hospitalizations, from drunk fights, assaults and fights for women. For instance, on the 13.12.2023, at around 1am, at Apex bar Lyantonde, a one CPL Amanya Kenneth alias Rwamulago, attached to Revenue Enforcement, was attacked and strangled to death by a one Akim, who tried to befriend his girlfriend, Kyampire Apophia. The suspect followed the victim, when he moved out briefly, and strangled him to death in the corridor, next to the bar. He was arrested together with the cashier Kyomugisha Immaculate, and Joshua and detained at Lyantonde CPS.

On the 13.12.2023 at around 10pm, a one Opio Michael and his wife Nyaoro Monica developed a misunderstanding at a drinking joint, where she accused her husband, for loving another woman whom he was seen standing with along the road, that evening. A scuffle ensued, after which, the wife ran home, picked a knife, returned and stabbed her husband to the neck. The victim was rushed to Express Care Clinic, where he bled to death. The suspect was arrested and charged with murder. The murder weapon was recovered.

In another development, the police in Luuka district, has in custody, 3 suspects after a month-long investigation, established that a one Kiribaki Muhammad, a 28 year old, peasant of Iganga “A” village was murdered from Makalibisho bar, on the 12.11.2023 and his body dumped at Gwembuzzi village. This led to the arrest of Nabongho Eriakest, a 30 year old cashier, Swaga Steven aged 56, and Mukhoda Jannet, a 22 year old, hairdresser. The victim was tortured from the bar, to death and the body transported and dumped near his village. He had several injuries to the head, on the arms, and the left finger cut off.

The incidents above show that there are no safe guards by the proprietors and mangers, this allowing excessive alcohol consumption, drug use and related acts of dangerous behaviors and violence. Other complainants are of poor stewards and bouncers at doors, fights over women, football fan violence, alcoholic and drug fuelled crimes. In most cases, the victims are referred to hospital and the incidents not reported to police.

This time around, we are taking keen interest in bar crimes. In the event that a crime is concealed or poorly managed, with zero guards, unqualified staff and bouncers, which risk a customer, they will be summoned for negligence, complacence and other related offences.

Our territorial commanders are also preparing a catalogue of profiled incidents at bars, which they will further use to recommend for the closure or removal of operating licences. We therefore, urge all bar owners to have qualified stewards, staff, security, a system of reporting incidents, training on how to deal with violent or intoxicated customers. If possible, have CCTV cameras in place and medical rooms for first aid treatment

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