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Bika Netball throws off, 24 teams turn up despite some are helpless


As the organizing committee of Bika By’Abaganda Netball tournament looking ways of improving the competition, it seems like Some clan heads are a bit reluctant empowering their clans taking part in the competition.

The 2024 Bika Netball gets off the Mark with just few Clan heads gracing the event held at St Lawrence University Ndeeba on 20 April.

With event taking action 7 hour later than the time communicated to be opened by Buganda Kingdom Minister of Sports, Youth and Art and recreation, Owek. Salongo Robert Sserwanga.

The event which was meant to throw off at 9:00 am waited up to 4:00pm as the time that the minister managed to appear at the event.

At his arrival Minister monitored teams that confirmed participation and later speaks to media where he emphasized Buganda people to give in the Much needed support to the clan team.

“We are opening this year’s bika netball tournament, 24 teams are in this competition but I thank those clan heads (Katikiri be bika) that have enabled their teams taking part in the competition, those who didn’t show up we call the for the next edition, now on these teams in the competition I call people to find their clan teams, also I argue them to support other clans that they are connected to like Of their mothers, inlaws and others”

With the organizing committee headed by Haj Magala Sulaiman decided to organize the Bika netball before the football tournament starts in order give the netball competition enough limelight.

On the opening day Seven game took action on knockout format with two reining defending champions Ngeye
gets off the Mark with a 34-06 win over Nvuma while it was jubilation day for Njovu after beating helpless Mpindi Clan 69-00 with the poor performance of Mpindi fueled by zero team support from Clan Members including clan Katikiro.

The Competition will go on on Sunday 21 April with more games and Saturday 27 April set to come as climaxing day.

Full time day one results
Lugave 39-09 Ndiga
Ngeye 34-06 Nvuma
Mpindi 00-69 Njovu
Butiko 22-25 Nkima
Mpeewo 7-38 Mamba Namakaka
Ngoonge 42-26 Musu.

Sunday 21 April fixtures
Ntalaganya Vs Ngabi Nsamba
Mbogo Vs Nte
Kkobe Vs Njovu
Mbwa Vs Nkima
Ngeye Vs Ffumbe
Omutima Omusagi Vs Ngeye/ Ffumbe
Lugave Vs Ngoonge
Nsenene Vs Mamba Namakaka
Ngo Vs Kkobe/Njovu
Nnyonyi Nyange Vs Ntalaganya/Ngabi Nsamba

Games start at 9:00am at St Lawrence University

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