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Buganda clan chiefs ask for security from government after the killing of Lwomwa

Ndiga clan chief (Lwomwa) Daniel Bbossa shot dead on Sunday February 25th at his residence(Photo/File)

Buganda clan chiefs have appealed to government to provide them with security so as they can secure their lives against murder.

This follows a murder of one of the clan heads for the Sheep clan Eng Daniel Bbosa who was shot dead on Sunday 25/02/2024 as he was heading to his home in Lungujja.

During the vigil at the deceased’s home, the head of Buffalo Clan Omutaka Kayiira Gajuule noted that they have started feeling insecure after the murder of Eng Bbosa and asked government for security.

He added that Eng Bbosa has been honest and until now, he is still surprised about the cause of his murder.

Omutaka Kayiira asked government that this time the murder report should be released as soon as possible so that people can know where the problem was.

Minister of works and transport Gen Katumba Wamala commended the bodaboda riders who managed to chase and get the assailants and expressed hope that the survivor will reveal all the intentions behind the murder, not only to Eng Bbosa but even all the people who have been murdered before, including his own daughter.

The Ndiga clan Katikkiro Eriya Lwasi informed the media that the Kingdom is to take charge of the Burrial program therefore they are waiting for the Kabaka’s word for them to continue with the preparations.

This vigil was attended by Minister of Technology Owek Joyce Nabbosa Sebugwawo, Lord Mayor Salongo Elias Lukwago, Minister for Kampala Hajati Minsa Kabanda, minister of works and transport Gen Katumba Wamala, among others.

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