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Buganda Kingdom improve orthodox sport as Katikkiro launching Buganda Royal Regatta


The Buganda Kingdom prime, . Charles Peter Mayiga has ha s launched Boating competition. The event held at Kabaka’s Lake in Kampala on Saturday, 24, February 2024 2024

The Buganda Prime minister Charles Peter Mayiga mentioned the boating sports as one of Buganda traditional sports, a sport which has reach history notably known for Kabaka Mwanga ll being among participants during his lifetime. “Regatta is a very old sport in the kingdom of Buganda, it has been in existence for over 200 years.”

“Buganda Kingdom is surrounded by water bodies, much of our heritage is promised on practices which resonate with activities that are carried out on water. And to show this, a number of our clans, their activities are based on water…..Ssekabaka Mutesa the I, had a navy made up of over 10,000 boats…..His son and the successor, Ssekabaka Mwanga II loved the water very much and engaged in a number of water sports including the canoe regatta….. indeed the Kabaka’s lake was dag on his orders because he wanted to get out of the water and go straight to his palace, so the decision to launch the regatta here resonates very well with the history of the kingdom and the heritage we have on the water.” He stated.

“I commend the committee for their efforts to standardize the rules and regulations that are followed when participating in such sporting activities, you can’t have Successful activities unless you have the rules they follow.” Katikkiro’s said.

The 2024 event is confirmed to have three series with the first coming at Bunjako Beach in Mawokota on 30th March, followed by Nakiwogo serie in Entebbe Busiro on 1st June with the grand finale comes on 24th August at Kazi Busaabala.

The minister stated at the launch while disclosing the targets as per the Kingdom

“Our major goal is to make this regatta international, we want international teams to come and compete in Uganda, it’s our long time tradition which we’re turning international for everyone to come and compete with specific regulations and competitors.” Says Sports Minister Owek. Robert Sserwanga Ssalongo.

The organizing committee of the Buganda Royal Regatta, Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga showed positivity in launching the advanced boating format “One of the most important things today which were highlighted is the launching of the standard boat and the rules and regulations of the regatta, what’s most important is that this Regatta is now standardized, so come and enjoy and we’re calling the sponsors to join because this is a very huge platform.” Says the chairperson, Eng. Immanuel Ben Misagga.

The participants will compete via their clans, counties, islands and clubs

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