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Singer Wabuyu Gereson “Gravity Omutujju” demands Robert Kyagulanyi “Bobi Wine” to donate part of his Busabala Beach land for the Hospital Construction


BY David Walugembe

The uganda rapper Gereson Wabuyi, Popularly Known as Gravity Omutujju has tasked Bobi Wine alias Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu to gift part of his land at Busabala One Love beach for the community to construct a Community Hospital.
According to Omutujju, Kyagulanyi having a large Piece of land and also being a leader should be exemplary to all the people by building such projects that benefit the community.

To make his point clear today Gravity has contributed two bags of Cement and delivered it one trip of sand to Busabala One Love beach as his contribution to construct the “Kyagulanyi Community Hospital” as he suggested.

It should be remembered that gravity some days back Criticised Bobi Wine for saying instead of the government of Uganda giving artists billions of money recklessly, the money should rather be used to construct good hospitals to benefit the thriving Ugandans.

Gravity attacked wine saying as the Artists they really need that money from the government and as to solve their challenges as artists.

“Uganda is having enough hospitals, so Bobi Wine should leave us to enjoy this money, I need to buy clothes, new cars and I want to finish my house”, gravity Omutujju added.

Gravity’s Comments have sparked an ideological conflicts to the aggrieved citizens for saying that Uganda have enough hospitals. The thing which have attracted a lot of confrontation to gravity.

Gravity Omutujju’s statements come at the back of his recent statements he made recently when he challenged Bobi Wine to at least establish a hospital for his home village where he comes from in Gomba district as he defended the Shs13B supplementary budget that is set to be handed out to artists under the UNMF.

It is not only Gravity who has come out to defend the Shs13B supplementary budget that was allocated to the artists SACCO that has since sparked a debate among musicians who subscribe to the UNMF umbrella.

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