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Todwong tips UNSA leaders on growing political careers


The NRM Secretary General Rt.Hon.Richard Todwong has told student leaders under the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) to be loyal and avoid excitement during their service if they are to grow and develop their political careers.

He was today morning addressing UNSA executive leaders who paid to him a courtesy call at the party headquarters at Kyadondo road, Nakasero. 

SG Todwong said that being youth is a transitional stage to old age. “You cannot be young forever. So you have to prepare yourself for the future. And you have to develop a good ad reliable character to make you stand out and be identified among many for any assignments.”

Most of the leaders in the country according Mr. Todwong, have come from students’ leadership. “Even our president was once a student leader. So you have to make the best of your time as a student leader to learn and prepare yourself for leadership roles in the country,” Todwong said. 

He also challenged the young people to embrace and work with the NRM, saying it is the only party that has stood a test of time with commitment to addressing the core issues affecting the local people within their communities.

“We are fighting corruption, disease and advocating better education, good infrastructure and socio-economic transformation for all Uganda. We invite you to be part of these efforts to transform our rural communities,” Todwong said.

“We didn’t say that when we come to government there will be no poverty in Uganda, that there will be no corruption in Uganda, that there will be no diseases in Uganda, that there will be no illiteracy in Uganda, or wipeout insecurity. No, we said that our system will perform better than the other systems in governance because we shall minimize them. And indeed we have managed to do so in many parameters,” NRM Secretariat head added.

The NRM Director of youth and institutions, Hon. Okwir Rabwoni said the fresh blood has an opportunity to assume leadership in the NRM party saying, “NRM was founded by the young people. The commander of the army, the political commiserate, both military and civilian and the top leadership of the Central Executive Committee and all the other organs initially were all young people. Generally NRM has been driven by the efforts of young people since its inception in 1981.”

“Our aim and our aspirations is to have a sustainable relationship between ourselves and yourselves. Given the fact that we came from student leadership to national leadership and we expect you to follow suit,” he added.

Okot Francis, the UNSA President intimated to the SG that they face a challenge in mobilizing fellow youth to support the NRM during our institutional elections. “We always seek support during times of guild elections because many young people are not grounded with information about the ruling party with its core principles.

They committed to continue working with the government to fulfill the manifesto for securing the future. 

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