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UBF revealed seven boxers to represent Uganda at Africa games 2023


In a highly anticipated and announcement made on Wednesday March 6th, the Uganda Boxing Federation has finally revealed the squad of seven formidable boxers to represent the nation at the Africa Games 2023.

This unveiling marks a significant milestone in the journey of these skilled pugilists, who proudly will carry the Ugandan flag on the continental stage in Accra, Ghana games.

The announcement ceremony, attended by boxing officials, coaches, and sports enthusiasts, chaired by Uganda boxing federation president Mr. Moses Muhangi who shedded light on the carefully selected team that blends experience with youthful vigor across various weight categories.

The reveal not only showcased the individual talents of the boxers but also underscore the commitment of the Uganda Boxing Federation to fostering excellence and growth within the sport.

The selected boxers, Tumusime innocent, Mulungi Khasim, Amoko innocent, Kibira owen , Semuddu Muzamir, Ndagire Sharua and Namutebi Erina both men and women were chosen based on their skill, potential, and performance in domestic and international competitions, epitomize the pinnacle of Ugandan boxing excellence.

Kibira owen in Red during the UBF Champions league

The 13th Africa games will be played in Accra, Borteyman, University of Ghana and Cape Coast, starting from Friday, March 8th to Saturday, March 23rd 2024.

Below are the details for team Uganda🇺🇬

  1. Tumusime innocent 48kgs
  2. ⁠Mulungi Khasim 57Kgs
  3. ⁠Amoko innocent 63.5kgs
  4. ⁠Kibira owen 67kgs
  5. ⁠semuddu muzamir 71kgs
  6. ⁠Ndagire Sharua 57Kgs
  7. ⁠Namutebi Erina 63kgs
Head Coach lihanda patrick to guide team Uganda Bombers at Africa games

The team will be in the hands of the coaches below

  1. Lihanda Patrick
  2. Nsubuga Juma
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