Home news UBOS dismisses allegations that Census tablets failed to work

UBOS dismisses allegations that Census tablets failed to work


Follow allegations that enumeration devices (tablets) froze during the census exercise on the first day of 10/05/2024, the Uganda Bureau of statistics has come out and clarified that the enumeration devices have not failed to work.

According to the statement issued by the Census Commissioner Chris N Mukiza (phD), in the majority of districts, enumeration started smoothly with 94,099 Enumerators and supervisors having been assigned roles and responsibilities on the enumeration system.

The statement further showed that the Enumerators who have been assigned responsibilities are executing their assignments without any problems.

The remaining 20,000 Enumerators are the ones reporting ‘machine failures’ and most of them were hired behind the official electronic recruitment system by respective local governments.

Chris N Mukiza further revealed that management has guided the district census officers and district census commissioner representatives to fasten assigning roles and responsibilities to the affected Enumerators to enable them perform their enumeration duties effectively.

He emphasised that Uganda Bureau of statistics management assures the public that enumeration devices and the census application are operating well and the enumeration exercise is expected to be smooth going forward until 19th/05/2024.

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