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FDC launches a digital membership registration system


Forum for Democratic change has launched the digital registration system where members are to regester online for the party membership.

This registration requires new party members to register online using the FDC app, as old members are also supposed to re-register for this new process.

During the National Executive Committe meeting which took place at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the party President Patrick Amuliat Oboi President Patrick Amuriat Oboi expressed gratitude to the technical team for making the digital registration dream a reality, emphasizing the need for every party member to re-register online for new membership.

POA stressed that anyone who fails to register will not be able to engage in party decision-making, participate in party elections, or retain their party membership.
POA added that over the past three years, the party has faced attacks, envy, blackmail, and threats of eliminating party members, among other challenges.

However, they have worked hard to resolve such issues. He also revealed that the party has set conditions for those members who want to register for life membership to ensure that only genuine party members are registered.

Among the conditions for life membership, members must be 50 years of age, have been a member of the party for 10 consecutive years without moving away, and have an outstanding record of distinguished leadership within the party and the community, among other criteria.

Fdc Deputy President in the Eastern region Margret Madada mentioned that despite the negative rhetoric against the party, it remains alive and active.

He noted that the introduction of digital registration is a way to awaken those who have been inactive, reassure those who have lost hope, and recruit new members as the party prepares to take over leadership from the NRM.

The Party National Chairperaon Jack Sabiiti urged members to observe discipline and revealed that the party is now focusing on going to the field and building party structures, recruiting new members as they prepare for the upcoming elections. Sabiiti called for reconciliation with all party members so that the party becomes unified as it was before.

The Vice chairman of Fdc Robert Centenary expressed gratitude as FDC is the first political party in Uganda to launch an online registration for members, allowing them to register at their own convenience.

The party spokesperson, John Kikonyogo, noted that the party will not beg for the return of departed members. However, if they choose to return, they are welcome because the party members love them. If they don’t want to return, the party will respect their decision and let them be.

During the NEC meeting, the party President revealed the activities the party is to engage in different parts of the country such as:

Teso from 12th -22nd June ending with a rally in Soroti city

Bugishu from 22th -29th June ending with a rally in Mbale city

Acholi from 1st -6th July ending with a rally in Gulu City

West Nile from 8th – 13th July ending with a rally in Arua city

Rwenzori from 15th – 20th July and end with a public rally at Kasese Municipality.

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