Home news Katikkiro cautioned Lawyers against rushing for money when they start working

Katikkiro cautioned Lawyers against rushing for money when they start working


The Buganda Premier, Owek Charles Peter Mayiga, has cautioned lawyers not to rush into seeking quick money immediately after finishing their course.

This comes at a time when people have a negative image of lawyers, often accusing them of being solely motivated by money rather than diligently pursuing people’s cases.

During his meeting with law students from Kampala International University under the Department of Clinical Legal Education in Bulange Mengo, Katikkiro challenged the lawyers, asserting that wealth is acquired after working hard for a long time, rather than starting to earn immediately upon beginning work.

The Katikkiro noted that wealth is not acquired without hard work, unless individuals are tempted to engage in nefarious acts for quick money. He therefore advised them to understand the challenges their clients face so that they can effectively assist them with their cases.

The Buganda Attorney General, Owek Christian Bwanika, urged lawyers to be well-prepared and punctual, emphasizing that these are crucial factors for professional improvement. He pledged, on behalf of the kingdom, to continue supporting lawyers in their endeavors to ensure their success in their work.

The president of the Law Society at Kampala International University, Pius Kiyemba, expressed gratitude towards the Katikkiro for granting them the opportunity to meet and requested him to create internship opportunities at Buule and Mayiga Company Advocates for students.

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