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St Julian High School Seeta is the most improved team as per the 2024 USSSA rankings


The Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association has confirmed the general team standing barring performances posted at the 36 Edition in Masaka.

Champions St Julian confirmed the most improved team from none ranked to the top spot. 17 teams including St Mary’s Boarding School Kitende, St Joseph College Layibi, Buddo SS and Andy Mwesigwa Comprehensive are on the dropped to lower Rankings from 2023.

Kitende led the 2023 ranking dropped to third, losing finalist St Henry Kitovu in 2024 is ranked in number 20, Buddo SS also dropped from 6 to 18, St Joseph College Layibi also dropped from 9 to 21 while Andy Mwesigwa Comprehensive faced an 18 drops to 45th on new ranking.

Kibuli SS, Lakeside SS Masese, Kawempe Muslim, Standard High school Zana, Nkoma SS, Landon College Nansana, Tororo Progressive Academy, St Kagwa, Jinja SS all dropped places as St Kagwa high School dropped the most places from 25 to 51 rank.

Dropping places is hurting but dropping out of the Rankings it hurts most. Over 30 teams from last year ranking failed to make this year’s ranking with Royal Giants who was third last year, West Ville who was number 5 in 2023 are the most remarkable missing while Bishop Angelo Negri, Latifah Mixed St Mathias Kalemba, Africa with Hope, Mulusa Academy and Nyakasura makes the missing list.

As a result of missing Giants and low performances of Last years Schools the new entrants turned to become beneficiaries as St Julian High school Seeta rising the entire ranking to top, Kisozi Seed to 5th Masaka SS to 7.

For the returnees that have marked an improvement Bukedea Comprehensive reached the 4th position from 54th, Blessed Sacrament Kimaanya raised from 24th to 6th, Kabalega SS from 56th to 9th while Wisdom High School advanced through 49 places to 10th.

On Zone Mukono is the most improved Zone with St Julian High School Seeta making the highest points and Mukono Kings also improved by one point.

For the last year’s best Zone Wakiso, 2024 it is not a year of pride as they lost the national trophy, losing Buddo SS from top 10 as most of their teams fallows in dropping zone besides Kyadondo SS and Kakungulu High School who got ranked 23th and 59th from none ranking positions.

This it was nearly equal share for the top 10 position by 7 zones. Mukono took the top position while Teso, Wakiso and Hosting zone Masaka all took two places as Mpigi, Bunyoro and Lango couldn’t miss on the share.

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